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How close does the TalkSocket need to be to stay connected to the phone? - Knowledgebase / FAQs - TalkGo

How close does the TalkSocket need to be to stay connected to the phone?

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The TalkSocket is a Bluetooth device, meaning to stay connected to your phone, the TalkSocket needs to stay within 30ft to stay connected. Once you lose the Bluetooth connection, you will have to ensure the TalkSocket has been properly repaired to Bluetooth. To repair Bluetooth, press the side button on the device and you will see a blue blink followed by 2 red blinks. If it successfully repairs to Bluetooth you’ll see 2 green blinks within a couple of seconds of the 2 red blinks. You can confirm this by going to your Bluetooth settings on your phone and looking to see if TalkSocket shows as a connected Bluetooth device. At this point, you can test the wake word “Alexa”. If it responds, awesome, you are good to go. If the wake word doesn’t respond you will need to take an extra step.

Ensuring the TalkSocket is properly connected to the Alexa app. Open the Alexa app, click on Devices in the bottom right > click Echo & Alexa in the top left > scroll down until you see TalkSocket, and then click it. Enable or ensure it shows the TalkSocket is connected. Lock your phone and say the wake word “Alexa”.

Here is a link with more troubleshooting details if the instructions above didn’t work.

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