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What do the different LED lights mean on the TalkSocket? - Knowledgebase / FAQs - TalkGo

What do the different LED lights mean on the TalkSocket?

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Legend for LED lights

This legend for LED lights is designed to help you better understand what each light means when using the TalkSocket. Please read the details below carefully before using the TalkSocket.

Charging Device (face down on Qi wireless charger)

  • Device is ON: 5 yellow blinks indicate TalkSocket is successfully charging 

  • Device is OFF: No LEDs blink. You need to look at Qi wireless charger and the light should be a solid blue

    • If the Qi wireless charger is blinking between blue and red, it means it’s not charging properly. Remove TalkSocket for 5 sec and try again. 

Pressing side button

  • White flash then blue and double red: trying to pair with Bluetooth if it has been paired with Bluetooth in the past (existing device in Bluetooth settings)

    • 2 green blinks following: TalkSocket has successfully paired with the device

  • 1 Blue Flash: TalkSocket is not paired with Bluetooth or in pairing mode on your device. Bluetooth might be turned off under Settings on your device. 

  • 1 red LED staying on: TalkSocket is in Mute Mode

    • Solid red flash then off: TalkSocket is off Mute Mode

  • 1 white flash then Blue: the battery is too low. Need to charge and can’t connect to Bluetooth (*need to confirm)

Holding side button

  • Hold continuously for 7 seconds (Pairing Mode). 2 white blinks at 3 seconds and then rapid purple blink which means you can release button. Following the purple blinking you will see a white blink and then 2 blue LEDs blinking continuously for 2 minutes.

    • If you don’t successfully pair TalkSocket to your device within 2 minutes the device will shut off. Repeat Pairing Mode (hold for 7 seconds).

  • Hold for 3 seconds (shuts TalkSocket off): 2 white blinks means TalkSocket is shut off.

2 red blinks: TalkSocket has been disconnected from Bluetooth

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you for choosing our product.

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