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Can't hear incoming/outgoing call or voicemails? - Knowledgebase / Troubleshooting 101 - TalkGo

Can't hear incoming/outgoing call or voicemails?

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The TalkSocket is seen as an audio accessory connected via Bluetooth. When you make a phone call or accept a phone call, you must ensure you have selected your iPhone or Speaker (iOS) and NOT the TalkSocket. The TalkSocket does not have a speaker so you won’t be able to hear any audio output if the TalkSocket is selected. Select Audio on your incoming/outgoing call and choose iPhone or Speaker.

For Android phones, go to Bluetooth settings on your device and click the “gear icon” next to the paired TalkSocket device. Ensure you slide the bar to the left, turning off TalkSocket as an audio output for calls.



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Daron Hill
My phone consistently prefers BT over the phone mic, so it nearly always picks the talkgo making it tedious to always pick the phone or speaker as the talk device. Is there any way to make the TalkGo never pick up the phone speaker function? there are BT profiles; isn't there a profile that will prevent this?

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